About Us

After five years of expertise in the education industry and dealing with the careers of almost 5000 students of K-12 segments, we became captivated by the fact that all the children are born with different capacities, capabilities, natures, mindsets, business-related and learning patterns.

Then, we realised that the traditional group teaching method is not so effective for them in maintaining a broad, global perspective. After acknowledging the problems faced by children, we inferred that children need a platform where they can learn as per their way. Soon after that, we decided to launch our learning platform ‘Ekal Shiksha’ to provide one teacher to one student for their enrichment.

Significantly, our sole objective is to concentrate on the individual learning capacity of students and help them in enhancing their skills after a deep comprehension of their unique as well as individual learning needs. At Ekal Shiksha, we let young minds study at their own pace. We have accommodated well-trained and proficient mentors from all over the country. They can lay the flexibility of choosing and designing the lesson plans and learning methods for each student. For instance, it will prove beneficial as students can learn without fearing the judgement of teachers and their batchmates. Along with that, we also have our doubt rectification team that be available next to students 24*7 at a very accessible fee structure.

The name of our platform, Ekal Shiksha, itself defines its purpose.
Ekal ~ Individual and Shiksha ~ Education.

Originators of Ekal Shiksha

Sanchit Singhal (Founder)

A highly amicable person who likes interacting with students, parents and teachers to help the students succeed academically. Sanchit, being an educator for the past 6 years, has a passion for educational research for innovating the teaching strategies laid down by mentors. Moreover, he always listens to student’s academic, social and behavioural concerns in a non-judgemental way so that their goals do not get disrupted.

Vanshika Garg (Co-founder)

A firm believer in communication in all possible forms. She started as a teacher where her teaching style was very patient, friendly and accomodating. Also, Vanshika values real-world learning and engages with her students while teaching by identifying the resources that students need to make the grade. By providing actionable feedback to each student, Vanshika helps the students focus on the results..

Bhavya Sharma (Co-founder)

A software engineer by profession and a teacher by his desire. He has strategic thinking and strong communication skills. His technical integrity and good mentorship provide in-depth knowledge to students for their upliftment and enrichment. Bhavya ensures that students are listening, acting and improving in every class they take with Ekal Shiksha.