Online Individual Classes for Class 12th Commerce

CBSE class 12 commerce is entirely based on the concepts that a student had studied in class 11 in a broader aspect. Still, many students face some sort of difficulty in adapting themselves to the increased syllabus and feel frustrated for their Class 12 CBSE board exams. To master any of the specific subjects, a student needs personalised classes where he should get daily targets and based on the performance, he can improve his current situation. The syllabus of CBSE class 12 commerce provides an extensive plethora of career opportunities to students which will help them in earning success and financial security if understood properly. Also, To grab a seat in any of the top-notch universities of the country on a merit basis, a high percentage in CBSE class 12 board exams are required. Therefore, one should not compromise on quality to achieve higher goals. For instance, coaching centres could not provide one on one guidance and personalised attention which is necessary at this point. Efficient the mentorship, the more effective will be the basics. So, individual classes by Ekal Shiksha mentors are accessible from any place to maintain a secure home environment for students.

Subject we are going to cover for online classes for class 12th commerce

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Mathematics of senior secondary curriculum includes the skill to calculate and organize and the ability to apply the acquired skill or knowledge in daily life. The learner integrates, identifies and applies numerical and spatial techniques. The most difficult part of the class 12th mathematics is calculus part where students mostly get stuckand need much more practice. Also theother topics need an attention of a mentor who can help the student to prepare well for mathematics. Ekal Shiksha’s online classes for class 12 maths can help you with the attention and time of an individual mentor, supporting and guiding you at every step to achieve your desirable outcome.


Accountancy is a key subject in school as well as in real life for practical use. Accountancy is often perceived to be the most difficult subject to score in in the Commerce stream. Students face a lot of obstacles in presenting the concepts in the right manner in the examination. They sure could benefit from the individual attention of an exclusive mentor. Class 12 accounts online classes will prove to be extremely very useful for the students to maximize their output.

Business Studies

Business studies is a deeply theoretic subject and yet widely applicable for practical professions in life after school. The core concepts of this are also taught for many entrances for Commerce students and hold high value in any career field. It is important for students to get a foolproof understanding of this subject especially in the 12th standard in a safe and focused environment.


Economics is a key element in every Commerce specific field that a student ought to pursue in the future. In 12th Boards, the concepts of both Macroeconomics and Indian Development Economics can be quite daunting and break the students’ confidence. Students require guidance according to their own pace of learning and then strengthen the subject. Economics class 12 economics class at Ekal Shiksha are a form of customizable education in which students can learn according to their pace and time.


NCERT has prescribed two books to the students for the preparation of class 12 exams chapter-wise. The 12 Class English book is- Main textbook - Flamingo Supplementary reader – Vistas English literature part, allows you to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history, theory, and criticism, and enhances your understanding of a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions, also enhance the imagination power of child who can frame the written story in the mind. An individual teacher puts efforts to glorify your exposure of English subject and teaches you according to your learning pattern.

What we have for your child

Ekal Shiksha provides the easiest roadmap to success. Each student upon enrollment is offered a FREE interaction with our counselor for an assessment of one’s unique learning pace, grasping capacity and mindset. Based upon these parameters, we allocate the perfect mentor for you catering all your needs. You can then avail a FREE demonstration class with us and confirm your mentor according to your rapport and preference.

We refer to those books which are referred to in your schools, our classes are completely flexible and can be customized according to your school curriculum.

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