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As we all know CBSE class 12 science board exams put a student into a do or die situation. The books are written in a simple yet exhaustive manner. Maintaining an easy and smooth understanding of each advanced concept is important. Scoring well in board exams will boost up the confidence and morale of the students. Every college in the country would like to welcome a student with a good academic score and high caliber. Also, various scholarships are entirely based upon your board results. By going through all the concepts chapter-wise, one can easily score well in competitive exams of their interest like JEE and NEET. Remaining focused is the key to success for good performance in all exams. To let students remain focused, personalized attention is needed so that they can learn at their own pace without being judged. Also, confidence is the key factor that decides our basis of understanding new things. Our online classes for class 12 science focus majorly on developing the confidence of the students. In our live streaming individual classes, the mentor will keep a close track of the student’s performance and boosts the score. We are offering a modern platform to the students with high- quality coaching for JEE and NEET.

Subject we are going to cover for online classes for class 12th Science

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Mathematics of senior secondary curriculum includes the skill to calculate and organize and the ability to apply the acquired skill or knowledge in daily life. The learner integrates, identifies and applies numerical and spatial techniques. The most difficult part of the class 12th mathematics is calculus part where students mostly get stuckand need much more practice. Also theother topics need an attention of a mentor who can help the student to prepare well for mathematics. Ekal Shiksha’s online classes for class 12 maths can help you with the attention and time of an individual mentor, supporting and guiding you at every step to achieve your desirable outcome.


Physics is the most difficult subject for every student, mainly because it is a practical subject, needs students to cope with numerical and theoretical part. Student gets confused about how to deal with derivations and numerical among other hurdles. This is the subject which needs maximum individual attention with an expert individual teacher so that student can cope with the subject and connect the concepts which enables one to score best marks in boards examination. Our online physics classes for class 12 fulfill this entire requirement. We at ekal shiksha provide the individual attention according to students’ learning requirements and provide maximum time for the students’ weak areas and help you strengthen the well prepared topics.


The structure of the textbook is presented in two parts comprising 16 units. The approach of textbooks discourages rote memorization. The subject has been organized around the laws and principles of chemistry. We studied the subject’s foundation in class 11, but this is much more difficult. We don’t have the chance to lose the marks and chemistry is also very easy to score good marks and is a percentage builder subject, but silly mistakes and less understanding of concepts can be a terrible mistake to make while approaching this subject. Our best mentors across the country who have good years of teaching experience will teach you individually to help you to score your target marks. We assess your areas of improvement and guide you accordingly through our online chemistry classes for class 12.


The textbook of 11th and 12th class is linked with each other. The Class XI book dealt with morphology, taxonomy, molecular and cellular aspects of physiology, the Class XII book deals with the physiological process of reproduction in flowering plants and humans, the principles of inheritance, the nature of genetic material and its function, the contributions of biology to human welfare, basic principles of biotechnological processes and their applications and achievements. The Class XII book also relates genes to evolution on one hand and presents ecological interactions, behaviour of populations and ecosystems on the other. As Biology Plays Important factor for Medical entrance exam it has 50% weightage in entrance exam and question comes from every single line of ncert book. We need to study it thoroughly as it is easiest subject but not taken granted in point of view medical exam. Here the role of individual classes come where the mentor will guide you according to your learning pace and strengthen your each concept through the Biology class 12 online class at Ekal Shiksha


NCERT has prescribed two books to the students for the preparation of class 12 exams chapter-wise. The 12 Class English book is- Main textbook - Flamingo Supplementary reader – Vistas English literature part, allows you to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history, theory, and criticism, and enhances your understanding of a wide range of cultures and intellectual traditions, also enhance the imagination power of child who can frame the written story in the mind. An individual teacher puts efforts to glorify your exposure of English subject and teaches you according to your learning pattern.

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Ekal Shiksha provides the easiest roadmap to success. Each student upon enrollment is offered a FREE interaction with our counselor for an assessment of one’s unique learning pace, grasping capacity and mindset. Based upon these parameters, we allocate the perfect mentor for you catering all your needs. You can then avail a FREE demonstration class with us and confirm your mentor according to your rapport and preference.

We refer to those books which are referred to in your schools, our classes are completely flexible and can be customized according to your school curriculum.

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